In the 2-year project the PACT partners developed, tested and disseminated a comprehensive training approach. The approach is a blended one: elements of e-learning are integral parts of the service, as information and communication technologies have a high transferability and dissemination potential. Through the use of ICT it was also possible to improve the exchange of experience on a European level and provide support to the various stakeholders.

The project’s main outputs are:

  • a kit for training with face-to-face and e-learning modules dealing with DV-related issues including guidelines for trainers, tools, methods, and exercises aiming at promoting good practice in intervention and intensifying networking activities among stakeholders who are involved in the support chain for victims of domestic violence;
  • implementation and documentation of pilot training;
  • good practice examples for successful intervention and cooperation in cases of domestic violence.

The product development was complemented by awareness-raising activities among stakeholders in various educational fields in Europe. To this end a range of dissemination products were developed and distributed, including a project website, flyer, newsletters, project presentations, and media publications.