BUPNET GmbH, Goettingen, Germany

BUPNET, founded in 1985, is an adult education provider and has as its mission the promotion of innovation in education and training. BUPNET has successfully completed several training courses in various sectors both in the framework of European and national funded projects. In 2001, BUPNET developed its own multilingual eLearning and collaboration platform that has been integral part of an awarded LIFE Environment project and various other EU- and national projects. BUPNET has considerable experience in European projects on the theme of education, training and eLearning and was involved in the development and delivery of three Grundtvig training courses with an international audience.

AMCV, Lisbon, Portugal

The Association of Women Against Violence (AMCV) is a Non Governmental Organisation whose main aim is to contribute to breaking the cycle of violence against women and children. AMCV was founded in 1992, as a direct response by civil society to the lack of services available to women and children who had been victims of rape, child abuse and domestic violence. Since then the work has focused on two main areas: prevention and the creation of specialised services.

Social Innovation Fund, Kaunas, Lithuania

The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is a non-governmental educational organisation, established in 1994, which acts at the community, national, European and international level. SIF has a great experience in networking on lifelong learning on the democracy building and women’s human rights issues: it is actively engaged in influencing public policy while implementing the Law of Equal Opportunities for men and women in Lithuania. SIF is the founder and co-ordinator of the non-formal Coalition of Lithuania NGOs for Advocacy on Women’s Human Rights, uniting more than 60 women’s NGOs in Lithuania.

Orizzonte, Città della Pieve, Italy

Orizzonte was founded in 2001 with the main aim of promoting intercultural exchange between Italian and other cultures and languages. The team of professionals from various disciplines that are complimentary to each other. The area of action is of a regional dimension covering the areas within the Province of Perugia in Umbria and the Province of Siena in Tuscany. Orizzonte adopts an international approach in actions that are implemented in the region. It is presently working with other partner institutions from a number of countries in Europe and the Mediterranean basin and maintains constructive partnerships with local entities and organisations that have various social missions.

Opportunities Aid Foundation, St. Julians, Malta

OAF was incorporated in 2008 bringing together ten years of experience in research, adult education and publishing. The Foundation has as its mission the creation of learning spaces and its philosophy in adult education is that of learning while watching others learn. The foundation is a non profit organisation that has a network with regional social players in Malta including schools, policy making bodies or entities that have education and personal development as their mission. OAF is involved in number of adult training activities that include the hosting of courses for teachers and teacher trainers on the use of media for dissemination and teaching.

CKU, Sopot, Poland

The Centre of Continuing Education has been educating people 18+ for over 50 years. There are adults who want to obtain vocational secondary education, post secondary vocational education, re-qualify or update their qualifications. Inside the centre there are practice firms which provide vocational training in the para-business conditions. The services are also available to the local community people including disabled. CKU adjusts the curriculum to the needs of the local labour market and also provides education for disabled students and do EU projects concerning disabled in the region and the country. Apart from formal education CKU provides different non-formal and informal training courses for women. The institution runs support groups for women with various problems, IT courses for disabled and unemployed.

die Berater, Vienna, Austria

die Berater offer educational seminars and training courses for individuals, organisations, and enterprises from soft skills to languages and information technologies. Their main aims are to motivate and qualify customers to make full use of their potentials in the economy, at the labour market and in their personal lives. Around 15.000 people participate in die Berater’s programmes per year- many of them in job orientation and vocational qualification programmes. Contents and methodologies, including blended learning, are tailor-made according to the needs of customers. In die Berater’s corporate culture fair play, respect tolerance and social responsibility are central values.